last update: 19/01/2002

19-01-2002 Hardware News:
We have always (secretly) been Apple fans, and the new iMac also does not disappoint. According to Apple the CRT screen is now officially dead, and we must agree: the new active LCD's are certainly something for the eye.

11-01-2002 Site Update:
After a year of neglect, our website has had a major update. Please take a look at our Delphi page for free components that we have developed for our own use. We also have news about our latest project - on the Yapper Too product page you can see what our peer to peer instant messaging application is all about.

10-01-2001 Software News:
Kids CD will no longer be available - effective immediately.

27-08-1999 Site Change:
As you might have noticed if you are a regular visitor, we are using a new hit counter on our front page. This counter is from LinkExchange and it's extremely easy to implement - and it's FREE! It is highly recommended by the uhm... well us. Have a look at to register.

03-06-1999 Software Update:
New Detonator drivers from nVidia are released for the TNT's and TNT2's. Get the details from their site. These new drivers are version 1.88, and tests seem to indicate that they marginally improve the TNT performance, but does better with newer TNT2 cards.

30-05-1999 Hardware News:
Microsoft has announced the release of a new mouse. It's a totally new design and it certainly looks different! It has now moving parts that pick up the movement of the mouse, but use an optical mechanism instead.

24-05-1999 Hardware News:
The new cards that are using the nVidia TNT2 Ultra chipset is starting to appear in stores now. Again manufacturers like Diamond, Asus and Guillemot are among the first to get their new cards out.

19-05-1999 Announcements:
For those of you that live under a rock, and haven't heard: Star Wars - Phantom Menace has opened today in theaters in the US. Lets hope it starts showing in a universe near you soon! ('Help me Ben, you're my only hope')

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