last update: 10/01/2002

Do you also think that mp3 are the best new technology to come around in recent times? Not? Well, we will give you some helpfull links to software that will get you under way quickly.

Winamp: Of all the players out there, this one certainly seems to be a few steps ahead. Having had a longer life-cycle than most, it is certainly the most mature mp3 player out there. Winamp is now also FREEWARE! Keep your eyes open for the beta test version 3. (Official home page - download - version 2.79) (Shareware site - download - version 2.79)

Sonique: A later entry to the playing field so to speak. The guys at Media Science recently stuck the big 2.0 on their product. This player has an extremely attractive dynamic interface. (Official home page - download - version 2.0) (Shareware site - download - version 2.0)

Audiograbber: A CD ripper and encoder in one - a very well rounded package. The more recent versions have the ability to use not only the Fraunhofer codecs but external encoding DLL's like the Blade encoder. (Official home page - download - shareware 1.81)

AudioCatalyst: Also a CD ripper en encoder that looks and works a lot like Audiograbber. The difference that gives the AudioCatalyst package a bit of an edge is the internal use of Xing mp3 compression algorithms. Make sure that you use VBR (variable bit rate) compression. The newer versions (Official page - but no shareware here - version 2.1)

Xing: An mp3 encoder of some note - actually very high note(s). In the new version you have the option to include up to 20 kHz of the audio spectrum in the mp3 now. It would not make such a big difference on most speaker systems, but it might improve quality on high end system. Again, make sure you have a look at VBR. (Official page - but no shareware here - version 1.5)

mp3 Music should enhance the creation and distribution of beautiful music, because of this newfound portability, and the artists must benefit. So if you like the song - go out and buy it :)

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