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These are the sites you can have a look at on a daily basis. If you are interested in the development of the computer entertainment and hardware industry.

Sharkyextreme ( One of the best sources of what is new and exciting in the world of hardware and games. Good hardware and games reviews, and some very new previews as well.

Blue's news ( For the most up to date news of what is happening on the Quake (I-III), Castle Wolfenstein and other first person shooter arena. It looks like Blue never sleeps.

Tresh's Firing Squad ( A comprehensive coverage of some elements of overclocking and hardware optimization, game previews and reviews and other computer hardware and game related stuff.

We are nVidia fans, so here are the TNT and Geforce related links.

nVidia ( The place where the graphic card revolution started a few years ago. The place to look for news about upcoming chips and detonator driver updates.

Then there are the hard-core guys! Any questions as to what Intel will announce next week, what the new memory architecture will REALLY mean to YOU and who will be the next 3D king of the hill? - have a look here.

Tom's Hardware ( Tom Pabst is an expert where it comes to hardware news with insight. All the new things to come are covered right out of the horse's mouth, so to speak. The main focus lies with directions processor and memory architecture are taking.

Gibson Research Corporation ( Steve Gibson is a true Windows programming and networking expert. Here is someone that still codes stuff in assembler (and only assembler - not just the stuff that needs to be quick). The site has very insightful details about Windows XP networking issues along with virus and hacker threats.

Our Delphi and Kylix links are supplemented by information on our Delphi page.

Delphi Super Site ( On this site you will get a very wide selection of freeware (with source), shareware and some semi-commercial Delphi companion products, like components and other suites of software that makes Delphi even better!

Torry's Pages ( The most comprehensive list of VCL components for the Delphi developer. Lots of freeware components with source! Torry now has a very handy search engine to help you to find what you're looking for.

Borland ( The home of Delphi, Kylix and C++ Builder etc. Get some insights into what is happening in the workshop. While you are there, look out for the free for use versions of Delphi and Kylix. They are tweaked down a bit, but the ideal start for novices that don't have the cash for the full version (yet).

ICS ( Francois Piette's site with the Internet Component Suite (ICS) and Midware suite of freeware (with Delphi and C++ Builder source) components. There is also a free support mailing list moderated by the author and other experts - very nice and also our personal choice of networking components!

The Jedi Project ( This is a free and voluntary effort from Delphi gurus, to translate Microsoft API headers into Delphi. This effort has won the Spirit of Delphi award, and therefore deserves a mention here. The site also features DirectX API programming links and source code.

TUCOWS ( As the name says: The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software. All you could ever ask for in Internet related shareware and freeware software. For the best download speeds, make sure that you use the mirror that is the closest to you (and there are many available).

Nonags ( An excellent collection of freeware and shareware on the Internet. Not as many Internet related stuff as TUCOWS, but much more of other types of software that is not Internet related as such.

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